About the Firm

Christy Drew Designs, inc. is a renowned interior design firm located in the heart of Dallas, Texas.  Christy Drew Designs has designed some of the finest and most unique residences in the country, and around the world.  Our experience is vast, whether your design tastes gravitate toward an Italian Villa, a French Chateau, a Contemporary home, a Spanish style, an Island retreat or an eclectic mix of genres – we have designed them all.  Our approach is unique, from interior architectural detailing, construction documentation and specifications to complete home furnishing installations.  Our talented and experienced design team provides principal, hands-on design with a personal focus and commitment to every detail of the creative process.  Christy and her Team are genuinely committed to bringing creativity, innovation, uniqueness and heart to the design of your home.  The final outcome is a beautiful representation of their Client’s own personal style and an expression of their personality  – their values, their lifestyle and their dreams.