Paul H Johnston, AIA

Director of Business Development

Paul Johnston comes to Christy Drew Designs from the commercial architecture arena.  He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and practiced nationally and internationally for over 35 years.  For the last 8 years he managed a branch office in Dallas, serving as Director of Business Development.  During this time, he easily became familiar with a great many of Dallas’ top design and construction firms as well as business leaders.  Paul is now completely immersed in the exciting world of upper-end Residential Interior Design – as Director of Business Development for Christy Drew Designs.  A natural fit for Paul and for Christy – allowing him to apply his seasoned talents to maintaining the myriad of Client relationships Christy has built thru the years,  as well as creatively developing new ones – and allow Christy to do what she does best – DESIGN BEAUTIFUL HOMES FOR HER CLIENTS.  Paul’s inherent affinity for meeting people, finding common ground and building long lasting, meaningful relationships make him a natural for this position.